Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Midweek Randoms :)

It has been awhile since I have participated in the Midweek Randoms so I thought this week is a perfect time to do so.

I'm always thinking of great blog posts and then I completely forget. I need to start a "note" on my phone to remind me of ideas I come up with.

  • Westin is having problems with his ears. He is on his third month of a constant ear infection and the pediatrician is now discussing tubes. To be honest, this scares me because Will and Luke never had to have tubes. The pediatrician says that with Westin's age and the cold/flu season just now starting that means he will more than likely have them for many more months. His history is he gets on an antibiotic and day 2 AFTER finishing the medicine they are back and we are at the doctor. Poor thing!
  • The crazy thing is when that sweet little fella has the ear infections you would virtually NEVER know. He is still such a happy baby, sleeps all night and eats really well. I can tell just by his attitude and him pulling on the ears.
  • Will has been suffering from stomach problems. We haven't detected what exactly the problem is but honestly it's on my nerves. I'm not sure if he's telling the truth or not but I sure hope he wouldn't lie about it. I don't think he is but I do think he suffers from anxiety more than stomach pains.
  • We are headed to Georgia this weekend to visit my family. I can't wait!!! It will be a quick visit but so much fun! :)
  • This year for Christmas the boys are not getting much from Santa. I sure hope they are ok with that. They asked for 1 big gift and we are getting it, with some games and that is about it besides some clothes they need. Usually all they care about is the gift they wanted and that's it so I'm hoping they are still ok with it this year. Plus Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles are all getting them gifts, they will have plenty!
  • I'm starting to organize my house more. I have felt very overwhelmed with having 3 kids (not that this has anything to do with more kids) but it is SO difficult to get all that you want to get done in 1 day, plus everything else on your plate. At night I take 1 thing I want to do and just do it. Last night was organizing and cleaning my silverware drawer. Lots of things we never use I threw away and I cleaned the drawer with cleaner. That felt nice! Next on my list is the older boys room, it is a disaster!

I pray you all are having a blessed week! It's almost December! Just crazy!!!! :)


all4boys said...

I hope Westin feels better soon. Poor two younger boys, the twins, both had to have tubes. Don't be nervous, it's a very quick procedure and they were fine. They suffered with ear problems for about three months, and finally I made the dr. get me into an ENT with them.

As for the organization, way to go! It's SO hard to stay organized, but you're doing it the right way, one small step at a time. I try to stay in one room for several days~like the kitchen. It feels amazing to purge stuff that sits unused!

Leigh said...

oh Katie that makes me so sad about Will. Only because I was the same way around his age with my tummy. I was tested for everything and even accused of faking it but come to find out when I turned 18 and switched from my Pediatrician I have IBS which is worse with stress and anxiety. Honestly I would call my mom everyday almost from school bc my stomach hurt so bad. I would cry almost every morning before leaving the house too. Poor will I know the pain and frustration.