Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Westin is 7 months old! (and 15 days)

This is the cutest 7 month old booty in the world!

I can't even begin to believe Westin is getting so close to being 1. I mean where does the time go? Even though my uterus will always miss my newborns, I'm SO enjoying this stage! He is FULL of himself and he knows he is a special little boy to all of our hearts. He cracks himself up all the time and thinks his big brothers are the BEST thing ever! It is an amazing feeling seeing all of your babies having fun together, no matter what age they are. Here are some fun facts about Westin right now.

Height: 26.5 in

Weight: 16 lbs. 8 oz  (he has lost almost 1 pound, we are on our 2nd double ear infection right now in 1 month so the doctor believes he has lost weight from that. I sure hope that is all it is causing him to lose weight, plus this boy is jumping all the time now!)

Sleeping Pattern: Takes two 2 hour naps during the day (most days but not all), sleeps from 7pm til 7am each night (every single night), no lie!!!

Eating Habits: We are just now on all formula as of last week. It does break my heart but I'm so happy and blessed I was able to nurse for 7 months. My goal was 6 so 7 was much better! I got sick and it was so hard to get my supply back up, plus it was like wrestling a lion each time to get him to nurse so I figured he might be done as well. So, he has 5 6 oz bottles each day. In the morning he eats cereal and fruit, at dinner he eats 1 fruit and 1 vegetable. 

Development: Grabs his toys on his play mat, sitting up with support, ROLLING OVER! Sitting up all by himself, loves to stand up if I'm holding him! Starting to "baby talk" and squeal all the time now. It's hilarious and he thinks he's so funny! Curious - this child is so nosey!! I have no idea where he gets it from. :)

Cuteness: Everything about this child is cute! He cracks up at everything and everyone. His brothers are the best thing he's ever seen. He LOVES him Momma and LOVES to play with his Daddy!! It is really the cutest thing I've ever seen when I see him talk and love on his Daddy, he and Daddy have a special bond!

Talking: He is cooing and trying to talk all the time - especially to his Daddy. :)

Favorites: Mr. Fan and his Mr. Giraffe are his best friends! He also just started enjoying books. He LOVES books. He loves his brothers and Daddy as well!

Firsts: Belly laughs, moving all over his crib at night, keeps his paci in for record time but still loves his left thumb.

Concerns: At this time I'm concerned about his ears. We just finished up our 3rd anitbiotic for his 3rd double ear infection, all back to back and now I think another one is back. So I'm praying for healing and for us not to have to get tubes. Will and Luke did not have to get tubes so I've never been down that road.  

A Day in the Life: Wakes up at 7am, smiling like a cutie pie. Change diaper, eats, plays for a little while. Around 8:30a he eats cereal and fruit, then naps for 2 hours. Eats again at 11a, plays a little bit more, goes down for afternoon nap around 1p. Wakes up at 3p starving, eats, plays til 5p, then always wants to eat again. He eats cereal and veggies around 6pm then has a bath and is asleep before 7:30pm each night.

Westin is a little light shining all the time! He continues to be such a blessing to our family and I don't know how he brings so much joy to our lives, but he does. He has such a fun personality and I look forward to his many more first and more memories!

We love you sweet Bubbie and your getting so big! You will always be our baby though! :)

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