Thursday, January 31, 2013

9 months... WHAT???

 Just call me the late queen... my little Spark of Life has been 9 months for about 27 days now... this little puddin face will be the dreaded..... 10 months in a few short days!!!!!!!!!! I thought I would go ahead and document his 9 months, he has been up to many fun things!

Westin you are officially mobile. You will either roll, crawl backwards, cruise your way around the house, whatever it takes to keep up with this busy family you were born into.
This has by far been your healthiest month since August, Mommy is very thankful for that! Except you did get the flu last week but in your true style... you were still such a ham and you didn't stay sick too long! Dr. Mathis checked your ears and said they were the prettiest they have been since August, Mommy is again so blessed the tubes are working. Good job bubbie!

We are still trying to introduce soft table food that is easy for you to eat. You want nothing to do with it, I think it's hilarious. You will gag until your little eyes water, I guess you just aren't ready yet so we will try again! 

Weight: 19lbs 3oz
Height: 27in
Little bitty head! :)

My little man looking so cute! 

He can't believe he's 9 months old either! 

Love him and his little strawberry on his forehead! It is slowly going away, I will miss that precious mark! 

The cutest little booty I've ever seen!!!

Westin you are one special boy! We love you more than you will ever know. I truly enjoy seeing you interact each day with your big brothers, they love every ounce of your being and it is such a miracle. You boys will have each other the rest of your lives and it makes Mommy and Daddy's heart swell.

Love you little bubbie!!

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