Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Weekend

I'm just now getting to my Easter post that I've been working on for over a week. Lots of things going on in our household but it seems to be finally slowing down. We are looking forward to warm weather and outside fun!!
Easter weekend was rainy here in the Mid South so we had to do indoor activities. Our church cancelled the egg hunt but that's ok because we dyed our own eggs and had fun inside.

I just love how serious Will and Luke are while dying eggs. We had so much fun and it sort of brought out the kid in Mommy and Daddy too... we got into the fun a little too much! :)


Mommy had no make up on and was super tired BUT when the boys ask to take a silly picture with me, I can only say yes to that!!

Our finished product... a few got broken.

So, at our house we really don't do much with the Easter bunny and in the previous years I have gotten away with not even mentioning the bunny. My children have also been neglected and never had their picture taken with the Easter bunny, til this year when we were at Sam's and there he was. A few days before Easter I found the boys mentioning the Easter bunny coming. Luke said "Mommy do you think that the Easter bunny with leave jelly beans on the floor like he usually does". In the previous year I have dropped some jelly beans just to have fun with them, never in my life thinking they would remember or expect it. So at that point I had to be the bad guy and when they asked me if the bunny was real and if he would come again, I had to just tell them that no, do you really think this big bunny comes hopping through the house? We all cracked up laughing about it and then explained to them AGAIN what Easter is really all about. Easter is my favorite holiday and I didn't want their Easter bunny rituals to ruin it. Easter is SO MUCH MORE than Easter baskets, egg hunts & dying eggs.... although they are fun it's something I want my kids to enjoy doing but not expect it or even think they will get a lot.

Each year in their Easter baskets I give them books and a little candy. I got them a new football and Westin got sippy cups and a new shirt. I went out of my comfort zone but not too much, I still kept it simple.

Easter Sunday is my favorite day. This year it was a little nasty so we didn't get good pictures but we all went to church then to my sister in law's to have some family fun!

Sweet cousins.. I love how Westin is pulling Luke's eye out... Luke messes with Westin so much that one day Westin will really pull his eye out.

My sweet family on Easter Sunday, 2013.

My sweet baby boys! I'm so blessed to be their Momma. All of my children make me proud and keep me laughing... I don't think I could ever ask for more!!!

I pray that you all were blessed with a wonderful Easter filled with laughs, family and fellowship! Many blessings from our family to yours!

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