Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I don't usually talk often about our marriage, only because it is between us and no one really cares, ha. I have found it interesting how lately, maybe the past year or two how much more mature we are with ourselves and our marriage. Things seem to really be clicking and it feels really good. We are "that" couple that argues and often times makes ourselves question our past decisions but lately it hasn't been that way. We usually have one big fight a year when a few months prior to that we get on each others nerves easily, we might be pretty quiet with each other or we just feel like room mates going about life in the best way we know how. I think all couples go through times like this or atleast that is what I tell myself. Lately though, I know without a shadow of doubt that God made J just for me. We are like two peas in a pod. The fierce love between us has sustained us, now our love is even stronger and we have a much appreciation for each other. Respect is pouring out of us to one another and the boys can definitely feel it. Things at our home have been much calmer, for a few years now and I can only attribute that to the Lord's love and us growing up together, we have learned a lot these past 11 years! :)

 This morning on my ride into work I was thinking about the first time we ever spoke on the phone and how he probably heard my heart beating out of my chest. I thought about how 11 years ago when love was so new, all we could think about was each other. Back then we had no worries in the world and now 3 kids later, 1 mortgage payment and many, many, many other stresses of life.... I can honestly say we still get that feeling. We still talk ALL day long. At night we are together and we handle the kids and house work together. We share the same opinions about things that matter and we are on the same page about parenting - which this took years to learn.

I'm not trying to get weepy on you or toot my horn but I thought it was important to say these things. Things aren't always roses in our life. Life gets in the way from time to time and burdens can hurt your marriage, it has happened to us plenty of times but God never fails. God brings people together as a union and it is not meant to be seperated. Times are hard, when buying his truck a few weeks ago times were hard! :) We both can't stand to spend lots of money and when we do, oh boy... lots of patience was going on but that is just life and I'm so blessed to have him on this journey with me. We both know SO many couples who are dreading the day that it is just them (husband and wife) in the house after the kids grow up, J and I can't wait! Not because we love our children any less but because we have that type of friendship and marriage that we enjoy each others company! Anyone that knows my husband knows he is a huge jokester - well that doesn't stop when he's at home. We are constantly laughing and having fun together.

I pray that everyone has a marriage with their best friend. I couldn't imagine him not being my best friend. I pray that our children find the same in their wives one day. I pray that people who are around us will feel the love and God's presence in our lives!

Life is too short to be anything but happy and thank the Lord above for all of my blessings! I don't feel worthy of his Amazing Grace!

Happy Tuesday to all, Friday will be here before we know it!


emily said...

Such a sweet post!

It's great to be married to your best friend!

Liz Beyer said...

You are so right, all couples go through ups and downs! You just have to keep the downs from tearing you a part. Chris and I love y'all!