Monday, April 15, 2013

14 years ago today...

April 15, 1999 forever changed our family. I was in high school and when I got home that afternoon my Dad was at our house waiting on me. My parents were divorced at this time and I lived with my Mom and step dad. My parents were still very close, still are the best of friends so when I saw my Dad there I didn't think much of it. Dad said that Mom got sick today while at work and she is at the hospital downtown. He said she has suffered a brain aneurysm and we needed to get to the hospital. My 15 year old brain could not understand the magnitude of her fate, I figured she would be coming home tonight so we would just go pick her up.

When my Dad, brother and I all arrived at the hospital I remember talking with her, she seemed very positive and didn't speak of what was happening. She wanted to hear about our day and what we had going on in our life. Looking back and being a Mom now, I can't imagine how terrified she must of been but she held it together for us. I do remember her asking to speak to just my Dad for awhile so my brother and I stepped outside the room for what seemed like forever. Later I found out she was giving him instructions on our lives if she didn't make it through this horrific ordeal.

See for her to even be talking to us at that time was a miracle. They called my Mom's family in town and everyone arrived that night, Mom then went into emergency surgery. During surgery we had about 15 people all there with us and it made it seem like none of this was happening. My Dad was with us, mother's family (siblings and her mother), my step Dad at that time and his family, even co workers with with us! The out pouring of support is what helped us all get through those long 8 hours of surgery.

The doctor's came in every couple of hours to brief us on her progress, during one time he came to speak to my brother and I, he said she would not remember us after surgery, she couldn't walk, talk or function for awhile. She would be in the hospital for weeks or months to recover. Still at that time, I never fully understood the severity of what was happening to our family.

Mom suffered another aneruysm during surgery and thankfully survived again. She came out of surgery asking for my brother and I. She wanted to see us first and from that point on she has been a fighter. She only stayed in the hospital for one week and totally shocked all of the doctors. They honestly didn't know what to do with her. It took her many years to fully recover from this surgery. She still might suffer from time to time but the past 7 or 8 years I can say that I finally have my Mom back. She was in a terrible relationship which never allowed her to fully recover. Once she was out of such a negative enviroment she has now been forever changed.

We will forever be grateful to the people who loved on us the most during those years. My grandmother came and literally took care of us all for months, not only did my brother and I need her but my Mom needed her most! It was so hard for so long but now looking back, I would not trade those years for anything. I am the person I am today because of those times, I am the mother I'm meant to be because of it and my Mom and I have an incredible relationship that blossomed from day 1 after this happened. 

Thank you Lord, from the bottom of my heart for saving my mother's life. My heart hurts just thinking about her not being here today and it hurt's even more for other friends I know who don't have their Mom here to see their children grow up. I will never understand why you saved my Mom but I will forever praise You for the miracle you worked in our lives! May all the Glory be to You!

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Karen Mortensen said...

What a beautiful story. Glad your mom is okay now.