Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heavy Heart..

First off, I have had the worst cold this week. I can't remember having such a horrible cold! I remember getting really sick when I was pregnant with Will and it was a head cold, I remember I could NOT get rid of it and this seems kind of like that one. EXCEPT, we all know I am not preggo this time, so I'm just trying to keep with with everything and everyone while getting this cold taken care of!
I have a heavy heart this morning, my first baby, Will is in Kindergarten and this is just how it is for now. Y'all, no matter what time I get up, things are so hectic in the mornings. I don't know what to do to make the mornings easier for everyone. The last thing I want for Will is to be rushing around the house all morning and then shooting him off to school with Daddy. It hurts so badly! He is a lazy one though, he takes FOREVER to get ready, eat breakfast and brush his teeth and hair. That child is on his OWN time. He can't be though, I don't know the right way to express this to him. Luke on the other hand is ready to get dressed and eat breakfast immediately after his head leaves the pillow (Talk about COMPLETE opposites) I'm just upset that mornings have to be like this, I get up before the boys and get ready before I have to get them out of bed, I have my alone time and pray before the day starts. I still though by the time I get to work feel like it's bedtime because we have done so much that morning!
I'm sure that by time things will get easier, it is the first week that both boys are going two different directions at two different times. I just am such a planner, organizer and when things aren't going as planned it bothers me so badly! If any of you have advice for me or things I should be doing differently please let me know! Just so you know, I do prepare everything in the evenings, besides making their sandwiches for lunch, that way in the morning most of my time is spent getting them dressed and fed.
I hope you all are having a blessed day and oh what a GLORIOUS day the Lord has given us today, I do thank HIM!!

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