Friday, August 7, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!!!!

I am honored to get the Honest Scrap Reward from Go East Memphis Mama I would love for all you ladies to enjoy this as much as I did!
Thank you LA!

Here's the rules....I tell you 10 things about me (honestly) and then pass on the award to 10 fabulous people.

Here we go!

1. Homemade sweet tea is by far my favorite beverage!!!

2. I struggle with losing and gaining weight... I never had this issue before having kids, I think I don't make enough time for myself and that is a goal lately that I'm trying to accomplish. I have been walking atleast 3 times per week at night when the boys go to sleep. I pray I keep this up!!
3. My husband and I have never had financial problems until the past 2 years.. it is a culture shock for us and we struggle everyday to make the right decisions for our future. Things are looking up though and we hope one day to be back in the game :)
4. I got pregnant out of wedlock.... it was bittersweet, being raised Southern Baptist, I had some explaining to do, but HE was the best thing that ever happened to me! He is one of my best friends!

5. I have NEVER read these Twilight books and frankly feel that there are way too many people obsessed with this thing.... I'm curious though, so you never know, check back with me soon on this topic and see if I'm obsessed yet :)

6. This might sound crazy to a few of you, but I really enjoyed breastfeeding the boys. It is something that I miss all the time
7. About every 6 months I go through baby fever again... Right now I am trying to talk my hubs into trying again... just trying because Luke is already 3 and I do not want to wait much longer! Financially it's just not possible and I get that.... but it is something that I'm keeping on my prayer list... either take the desire away or make things work out to where it's possible!!!
8. I am just now keeping in touch with lots of my lady friends.... they are just now getting to where I've been in life!

9. I LOVE my husband more than anything in this world! He makes me laugh and loves me more than any man could! He can be a goober butt sometimes... but hey, we all can :)

10. I struggle with trying to be a perfect person, it can get me down at times and I wonder why I think everything has to be perfect at all times! I can't go to bed without the kitchen being cleaned, but one good thing about trying to be perfect, is trying to be perfect in my relationship with God, it's a relationship that has it's ups and downs... but HE'S by myside through it all and HE knows I do not have to be perfect :)

So that is a little tidbit of info about me!

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Anonymous said...

Great answers!! so glad to know ya! = )