Sunday, August 16, 2009

Long, long over due!!!

It has been forever since I have posted anything.... you can just call me lazy!! This past week has been a busy one, Will started his first day of kindergarten and that brings lots of things that must get done! I'm not sure which one has taken most of my money this week, WalMart or Target and there were many days that we took 2 trips in one day to each store, crazy! Now you can call that bad planning by Mommy!

Below is a picture I took of the boys at a local sunflower field... it's really cute with all of the colors, but I also thought it precious in black and white too! (Honestly, I changed the picture to black and white, but I thought I saved it in color too... I guess I didn't because I can't find the color pic anywhere on my computer...UGH!!)

Here's Will on his first day of school... he did wonderfully and is excited about starting his first FULL week of school this week.... I'm so happy and excited for my big boy!

I think he's just the cutest thing EVER!!!

This weekend has been pretty nice. We haven't done too much (but take more trips to Wal-Mart and Target)...haha! Last night we had some dear friends come cookout with us and they brought their 5 month old baby girl!! She is the cutest thing ever and so beautiful! I promise I have never seen such a happy baby! I could not find my camera last night and still can't find it, I think the boys hide it from me and now they can't find it either. So, I would of loved to posted pictures of our great weekend, but when I find my camera, I will take some to post :)

I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weekend and your family! The weekends are just great because I enjoy us all being in the same house and place for two whole days! Such a blessing! Y"all have a great week!

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short southern momma said...

Cute pics!! Hope you are having a great week!! =)