Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday and Valentine Weekend

First I am feeling MUCH, MUCH better! The meds are finally working, my infection has gone down and there are no more signs of infection. I do have to be on antibiotics for one month to reassure this will not come back, but other than having a small hole on my chin (that is starting to heal very fast) I'm doing really well!

Saturday was my birthday! I had a great day, I mean when you get older, we try to make it a great day, I enjoyed it with my wonderful hubby, 2 most beautiful boys and my gorgeous Mom. Momma and I went shopping together while Daddy and the boys did something (boy things). We went to dinner and enjoyed each others company! Yesterday was another great day, Mom and I went shopping again :0, I got so many wonderful gifts and I feel so abundantly blessed to have the amazing family God blessed me with... it is a bit overwhelming, how in the world do I deserve such blessings???

Please pray for my family this week. My mother is moving back home to Georgia and it is a very difficult time for everyone. It is the best choice for her, she will be close to all of our family but we will miss her more than anyone could ever know. It is bittersweet but I know we will see each other often! The boys and I are going to be basket cases this week, but we will get through it, the boys are just so young, they don't understand why she has to go, but one day it will all make sense to them!

Thank you all for the prayers, have a blessed Monday!



Go East Memphis Mama said...

I am so glad you are better!

Candice Pair said...

im glad youre feeling better...and that you had a wonderful birthday!