Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Saturday journey

First, sorry for just now posting something since Monday, it has been such a busy week and the next two weeks are getting even busier. Mom is leaving to move back to Georgia February 17th, so helping her get ready, working and taking care of my 3 boys... let's just say I have been a crazy woman this week! Hang in there, this too shall pass (this is what I've been telling myself)!! PLUS, my Dad and brother are coming in town next weekend to help my Mom as well, but also help celebrate my birthday on Saturday! I can't wait to have my family all together with our friends to celebrate my special day!!

On another note, Thursday morning I woke up with a knot on my chin. It was kind of close to my jaw bone on my chin, but I just figured it was one of those knot zit that would just go away. It was one of those kinds you can not even try to pop, you just had to let it run it's course. So yesterday (Friday) I woke up to my whole chin and part of my neck swollen from this "thing". It hurt so bad if it was touched, so I had to take pain meds all day just to function at work. Last night I cried all night long, the pain never stopped, not even with tylenol and I was very, very worried. I mean this stupid "zit" can not be causing this much problems. I laughed it up to be just a really bad "zit". As I woke up this morning, I clearly knew it was worse this morning, the pain was unbearable and all I could do was cry. Cry because my jaw bone, neck, chin and even head was killing me from this hidious looking "half dollar size" bump. As soon as hubs woke up and realized what it looked like and the how much pain I was in, he loaded the boys up, took them to Mom's and off we went to the doctor. I was so embarrassed and told him that if this is just a bad zit I will be livid for him to bring me out in public, with no makeup on with this "thing". So, sure enough, we saw the doctor and she examined me, it is actually STAPH INFECTION. I could not believe my ears, by the time we saw the doctor, hubs had used his phone to google anything he could and of course he guessed it was staph infection. I thought he was crazy and told him it would never be something that serious. Sure enough, that goober was right! The pain throughout the day has increased and the infection is slowly spreading. I am on heavy antibiotics and I am just praying that God will take over this and not allow more damage to be caused. It's nasty and could leave serious scaring, I am just resting, trying not to move my face or head, because the pain is really bad right now. The pain meds they gave me cause me to knock out, so I am about to take one and go to bed!

If you get a chance please pray for my infection, from what I hear this can be very serious, I pray I am on the right antibiotic and this will clear up soon and not cause more damage! Sometimes I laugh at how silly this might sound to y'all, but it is serious and the pain is so much worse than labor pains, I'm shocked and extremely shocked that the pain is just so bad. I will keep you all updated and I hope y'all are having a blessed weekend!



Laura said...

Staph IS very serious! I'm just curious how you got it where you got it. Did the doc give any explanation? Usually, you get staph from an open wound/surgery/using unclean medical instruments.

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Katie I just cannot imagine! I would throw out all your make up and all new. Brushes, everything! I will pray for you girl. I am SO SO sorry.

Heather said...

oh girl, I am praying!! Lifting you up and asking the Lord to heal your body quickly!