Saturday, February 27, 2010

It made it to our house today..

the stomach bug that is :( I have heard lately (on facebook it seems) that so many people have gotten this horrible illness. And today it made it to our house, I thought we had dodged the bullet because Daddy came home this week from work, worried he would be getting it and thankfully was a false alarm and well it hit today....

Poor Will was spending the night with our best friends because he LOVES playing with their twin boys, so he had a spend the night party away last night. The hubs and I had to go to his sister's to help them move into their new home, so Will had to stay at their house until this afternoon. Well I was on my way to get him when I got the call that he had gotten sick everywhere :(. Now let me quickly clarify my history that has unfortunately been passed down to him. MY BIGGEST FEAR IN LIFE IS VOMITING!?!? I know this sounds so weird, but seriously people, I would rather DIE and grace the steps of Heaven than vomit. I cry like a baby even if I start to feel like I'm about too, I have to have the hubs right next to me cheering me on and telling me he promises it makes me feel better. I will then lay in bed for days in the same position and pray to the Lord above to take this away immediately. It is something that since a young child, has become my FEAR. It is a phobia of mine and I'm dead serious! God blessed me and with BOTH pregnancies, I did not get sick not one time!!!! So back to Will, he does not act as dramatic as I do, but it is a big deal to him. When I heard today he was sick, not only did my stomach got straight into this horrible feeling like I might get sick as well, but I just started praying that God would please protect his little worries until I was there to help him. Once I got him we brought him home and poor little guy has been so sick ever since. I am proud of myself for handling this in a big girl Mommy way, (this is the first time for the stomach bug to hit my kids) really when it's your kids doing this, I don't care about my fear and I just do what I have to do to help my child. Will is SUCH a trooper and even vomited without me tonight (although I was thrilled, a part of me was sad b/c he is acting more and more like he doesn't "need" me anymore, but this is a whole other post)

So, tonight he had some chicken noodle soup, crackers and gatorade. He kept it down (PRAISE THE LORD) and took a nice warm bath, played his video game until he was knocked out. I PRAY he is all better in the morning and I also pray no one else in this family gets this horrible, satan attack!

If you could please say a prayer for our health, sanity and my washing machine... that poor thing has been going non stop today and I don't see any end in sight. When this hidious visitor graced our doorstep, I wash EVERYTHING in sight, even if you just breath on it!!

Hope y'all are having a blessed weekend~ Even with this going on, I am still enjoying time home with my boys!



Heather said...

Hoping everyone gets to feeling better soon! We have had it in our home now for a week, it's been miserable. Praying for y'all!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ugh...i hate when the tummy bug enters the house...i always pray it doesn't hit all the kids week after week! so far so good!