Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Depressing Wednesday

So today has been depressing guys. I hate to be "negative nelly" over here, but my Mom is gone, on her way to her home town in Georgia. I am so happy for her, but my heart is breaking. I'm not sure why, she does not work so I'm sure she will be up here A LOT and we will be down there as much as I can, but she's not RIGHT around the corner anymore. She's not here every Sunday night for dinner anymore, she's not watching the boys in the afternoons for us, she's not a dinner date when the hubs works late and she's not my shopping partner when I feel the need to get out and do some damage to the bank account. I have faith she will still be these things, but just not in the same way. She is my BEST FRIEND and always will be! We have been through a lot together as a family and me and my Momma have never been apart. She's amazing, she has done WAY too much for us over the years and now it's time for her to start her new journey! I'm so proud of her! She will be there for her Mother now and will be able to reconnect with dear friends and family members. She is living her dream, but also scared to death as to how this will effect us!
Please pray for us, pray for my boys. Will is very sad by this situation and has asked many questions, Luke doesn't know what is really going on, but Will doesn't understand. I pray for peace with them, I think we will all become closer as a family. The hubs and I are forced to rely on each other and for our family, we are what the boys have here and we need to make their lives the best we can. (not that we didn't before, but they had their Grandmother helping and they always got what they wanted, when they wanted it) I TRUST God knows exactly what He is doing, this pain I'm feeling is just a selfish pain. A pain that I don't have my Momma here next to me all the time, but a pain that will go away once I realize it's not going to be as I think. Who knows what the future holds and where me and my family will end up :0! BUT it's not my job to figure out my future, all I can do is stay positive and hold my head up high knowing that God plan is ALWAYS my plan!
Thanks for the prayers ladies! I'm looking forward to our future and the "new normal" our family is encountering!


all4boys said...

This makes me so sad. My mom used to live a minute away and when she moved to Moscow {NOT GEORGIA}, I thought I would die. I'm so sorry. I know that God is going to use this situation, though, and it's exciting to look forward to. My love and prayers are with you and your sweet family. I'm so glad you're better now~I can't wait to start seeing you on a regular basis again!! Love ya!

all4boys said...

Um...for clarification...I meant that she moved to Moscow, TN, the one right outside Collierville, not as in the city in Russia. Lol.

Candice Pair said...

girl its completely understandable for you to be upset...i know i would be! but god always has a plan and this is obviously part of it! i know you'll adjust just fine!

Dina said...

Oh what a sad time for you. I'm sorry. That makes me appreciate having my family right around the corner. I take it for granted sometimes.