Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Review!

We had such a wonderful weekend! We did so much that it seems like today should still be Saturday!! (don't you just hate days like that!)

Friday we just went and grabbed a bite to eat. It was weird not having "DeeDee" (my Mom) with us, she normally always eats out with us, but it was also nice for it to just be our little family! :)
Saturday morning we went to the airport to pick up my Dad, he came in town just for the day to see us. That was a great trip, we grilled out Saturday night with him and the weather was absolutely PERFECT!!!! Dad now has a new woman, I hope to meet her soon, but it was nice seeing him so happy and him constantly talking about her! They seem to be very happy and enjoying each other, so that makes me happy! They dated each other in high school, so it's kind of cool!

Yesterday we took him back to the airport to head back home and then went to my in laws for some lunch and to celebrate my nieces 2nd Birthday! We always enjoy everyone's company and I like more than anything to spend time with family! God and Family are my life, if I could spend every waking hour with all of my family, I would be such a incredibly happy girl! Last night I worked the nursery at church which was too much fun and now today we are already back to Monday morning! I can't believe it but I am looking forward to the weekend again!

I hope everyone is having a blessed Monday!



Go East Memphis Mama said...

Glad to hear you are so much better!

Nic said...

Isn't God just awesome!! You have two super cute boys! Can't wait to read more. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about the Ole Miss masot changing? What I read on about it is sooo silly! Can you imagine if that new mascot had KJ's GIANT HORSE TEETH?! They'd scare the capri's off Miss State--doncha' think? tee he