Thursday, September 29, 2011

Midweek Randoms

* I did not know what to call this post other than mid week randoms. It is a bunch of different topics. 

* Am I a bad mother for "grounding" the boys for the smallest little things the past 3 evenings just so we can spend quality family time together without EVERY single neighborhood kid around. We have a ball at night together and I'm enjoying it too much. I secretly think the boys enjoy it as well. It makes for a much peaceful time at the Clements home and don't think that I'm not trying to think of a way to have less play time with friends. Don't get me wrong, friends are important, but not every single day!?!? Right??  

* I need to make a post just on my Lukie. I was so worried about him starting Kindergarten this year, just because he just turned 5 in July. I'm here to tell you that little boy is so smart and I could not be more proud of him! Each night as we go over his homework, he knows it and I was honestly worried about it being difficult to him. What I do notice is he is not as confident in himself to say the answers out loud, I pray we can work with him on that. He is a smart, sweet boy!

* This past weekend the hubs and I shortly discussed putting the house on the market and moving somewhere else. In the same area, just better schools and such. Yes homeschooling has always been on my heart, but it's not possible at this moment. Our city has lost their mind with the school systems and it worries us for their future. We quickly decided at this time we are not ready to sell the house, we will stay put and next year re-evaluate. I think staying involved in your childs life is very important and teaching them at home is something we can still do even while they are in school. Adult decisions are hard most of the time!!

* We had our final garage sale EVER this past weekend. It went horribly, didn't make tons of money and just about gave things away. I told J this was it, no more. He said I said that last year too... :)

* My house is a disaster. I'm starting to get more energy and I hope that helps in this area.

* Our family relationship (J, the boys and I ) is the strongest right now it has ever been. I never want this to end and want to have my family under my wings forever!

* I can't believe I'm in my 10th week of pregnancy. Only 29.5 more to go!! ha.... seems like forever!

I hope y'all are having a great week, back to work I go!

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