Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Weekends

Our weekends have honestly become boring to the normal person, but to us they are just perfect. After each week day, not getting to bed til atleast 10 and not even settling down from the day til 9:30, I am seriously exhausted each weekend. I know it's part of the pregnancy, usually I constantly go all the time, but I can not do that right now. So Saturday I woke up with a head cold and not feeling well. We decided to not do anything, I really felt like I needed to stay off of my feet that day to see if I would feel better and it really helped. I stayed in my pj's til late, watched some football, took naps and ate some yummy steak last night that the hubs cooked. Right now that is a perfect Saturday to me!

Today I woke up again feeling really bad so the hubs let me be super lazy again. We had some family stop by this afternoon which was a nice surprise. Now I'm cooking my Sunday night ritual, spaghetti! I'm finishing up my laundry and putting clothes away, then will be relaxing all evening, getting ready for another busy week.

Do y'all do garage sales? I mean do you have them? Our neighborhood does a huge garage sale each year, it is a pretty big event and draws in tons of people. I try to participate each year and this year, with the new baby coming I have really been getting rid of things we do not need because we will need all the room we can get. It is SUCH a pain doing a garage sale, especially when you don't make much money, but I pray this turns out well. If it doesn't I will never do another garage sale again!

I pray you all have a blessed week!
Tuesday we will be 9 weeks pregnant, it's just crazy to me!!
Thank you all for the sweet comments and messages on this little blessing!

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