Monday, January 23, 2012

27 weeks preggo

How far along?
27 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:
So far 18 lbs, not too bad but I started out heavy so I would like to not gain much more! I go for my glucose test and seeing the doctor next Tuesday, I have probably gained a lot since my last appointment.

Maternity clothes?
Yes, all the time. Certain pants drives him crazy because he constantly pushes on the bands, but I can not fit in anything but maternity pants, still able to wear some shirts that are not maternity.

Sleep not too bad, just starting to get the EVIL leg cramps or charlie horses. Also I'm starting to sleep lighter than usual, so that is a bummer!
Best moment this week:
Finalizing his name so I can order all of his personalized things!!  

Uh, yeah. This kid is WILD! I am slightly concerned that he may be more active than his brothers… oh well, I guess I’ll lose my baby weight fast keeping up with these boys!

Food cravings:
Starting to crave sweets, not good considering my glucose test is coming up.

Boy - James "Weston" Clements

Labor Signs:
None at all. Just a few braxton hicks but trying to stay on top of my water intake.

Belly Button in or out?
Way in, kind of crazy how deep my belly button must be.

Stretch marks?
Let’s not talk about it, just know that I would love to be speaking to a plastic surgeon after delivery!

What I miss:
Nothing, feeling very blessed!!

What I am looking forward to:
getting my glucose test over with, starting on his room and finishing up projects around the house I want done before he comes AND I'm having a family "sprinkle" in GA with all of my family and a friends "sprinkle" here. Just a good excuse to have people get together, I thought it was tacky to have a shower but it's a cute idea to have a sprinkle, instead of shower. It will be nice to get some diapers!

Weekly Wisdom:
Drink water until you can’t anymore… then drink some more.

Very happy to be 27 weeks along and still going strong. Hope this continues another 13 weeks! :)

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