Sunday, January 15, 2012

Michael Jordan??

The past few weeks we have found ourselves so busy just getting this house back in order. I feel for awhile now I have "let things go" so I have tried to de-clutter the house, throw away things we don't need and organize spaces because we will need more space for the baby. 

Since God has blessed me with 3 boys, I see lots of sports in my future. I honestly would not have it any other way because I am that parent that gets into the games that your children are playing in. It is so different than my normal personality, I am usually very laid back and calm. Something just comes out of me and I become this cheerful, supportive and a critic (when needed). The hubs is right there next to me cheering Will along to basketball and I must say basketball has become his sport.

I always want my children to find passion in something that is useful and will keep them busy (along with us as well) and particularly a sport. Will has found "his sport". He is honestly very good at basketball and has averaged 10 points per game. He is so serious about it and I am so happy it makes his heart so happy. Not to mention he is meeting some really great friends and I am really enjoying being a "team mom" spending time with other Mom's with boys the same age as my boys. Him starting basketball this year has really been a great blessing to our family! On February 3, on our last game, I might cry because I will miss it so much! We will be looking forward to next year and will also be looking forward to watch Luke start soccer soon! I know Luke will be great at soccer!!

My Dad came for a visit and I'm so happy he was able to stay to watch Will play. Pop Pop (my Dad) doesn't come around much because he travels for business and he is always super busy. When he does come or we see him it is always so much fun!! The boys enjoy learning new things about Pop Pop each time we spend time with him and I know he is enjoying seeing his Grandson's growing up. We love you Pop Pop!

I will eventually get to my 26 week post early this week. Can you believe I only have 14 more weeks and then this next blessing will join our family?? I really just have a few things to do around the house before getting to his room. I have everything mapped out as to what I want to do for his room, the paint color is bought, his bedding is picked out (I just need to finalize who I want to make it) and then that's really it with his room.

I hope you all are having a blessed January and I will update you all on my lovely (yeah right) stats for my 26 week post!

Love y'all!

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