Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thank you!

You guys truly rock! I received so many wonderful comments, emails and messages from friends I know personally and internet friends! Both Will and Westin seem to be doing great but you really eased this Momma's mind! 

We took Will to the pediatrician last week and they did lots of blood work, called in some meds for his tummy and referred us to a GI specialist. I'm happy to say that his blood work has all come back normal so for now we will see if the medicine will help with his "tummy pains" and if it does not help and he has more episodes we will head on to the GI doctor. Honestly I want that to be our last resort. I sure hope the doctor has already helped him with the medicine. Will is a special child, God has something very wonderful in store for his future!

Last week we also took Westin to his ENT doctor visit. Dr. N is absolutely wonderful and I trust his opinion very much! Westin had an x-ray which determined his adenoids are enlarged so he will be having his adenoids removed and tubes placed in his ears on December 19. Dr. N actually left the decision for his adenoids to be removed up to us but we feel (along with our pediatrician's advice) that if they are having to put him to sleep then go ahead and remove the adenoids. They were enlarged and I would hate to put him through the same surgery again in a few months. It's best to get it done now.

Right now Westin is very sick. He had a bad weekend, so yesterday we were back at the doctor. He has a chest cold with another ear infection. My only hope is after his surgery he will be a much healthier little guy. He is the sickest of my children and I nursed him the longest. Is that just crazy or what? I still have faith that my milk helped him in some way, I do still believe it was the best for him and myself! :)

I'm happy to report my Christmas shopping is DONE! Well, besides my husband of course. He is super easy though so I will have him done in a few days. This makes me so happy. I'm waiting on our Christmas cards to come in the mail so I can get them out. I'm glad to be done with most of the stressful things about Christmas.

Here's to a happy Season! Merry Christmas to you all!!! Have a terrific Tuesday!!

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