Friday, December 14, 2012

Is Spiderman in your laundry?

More than likely if you have a house full of girls then you will not have spiderman in your laundry. I have the pleasure of raising boys and finding spiderman in my clean laundry the other night really made me think. It makes me think about these little souls God is placing in my care.

At first when I saw spiderman I was irritated. It was midnight and I was the only one up finishing my daily tasks and out pops spiderman from one of the boys pants. He went for a nice wash along with the clothes but I first said "well if they would put clothes away like I tell them to I might not find spiderman in our laundry."

Then I quickly changed my thinking and thought about how one day I will miss seeing spiderman in my laundry. I will miss the simple love they have for small figurine toys and all ofther sorts of little boy items. These boys are growing up in front of my very eyes and I immediately panicked. Am I properly training them to be good boys, to one day turn into good men? Sometimes I don't think so but I would like to think most of the time what we are teaching them are important fundamentals for them in the future. Will (my 9 year old) is starting to out grow the small little boy things. He will always be my little boy but he's starting to like big boy things. He and Daddy can now talk about things and he completely understands. At Best Buy last night he was in hog heaven looking at the cell phones. He wants one so bad and it is something we are completely against right now and he will not be getting one for several more years to come, but he and Daddy can talk about new phones and he might even know more than us about it. :) Luke's pants were the ones where spiderman took his bath. That boy has such a sweet soul. He loves spiderman and I hope he always does. I love Luke's innocence. I worry more about Luke especially since Westin has come along. Will him being the middle child effect him in a negative way. He sometimes seems like it has, ha... but I have faith that is just him being a normal 6 year old boy.

One day Westin will be loving these small little boy items just like his big brothers. My heart is full y'all and I could not imagine my life with out my boys or my husband. We are a very close family, doing things together all the time and I'm so blessed for that! We laugh, cry, fight, love, eat and chill together. I know one day soon the older boys will want to do other things most of the time but I'm so happy we have a home that they feel comfortable in and never seem to want to leave!

Have a blessed weekend friends! Only 11 days til Christmas!!! :)

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