Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

Today when we got home from preschool & work, it was raining (finally)... but yesterday it was beautiful. I try to go walking every afternoon and Will rides his bike while Lukie is either in the stroller or wagon. If Daddy is home he will tag along as well. If we have bread at the house then we will feed the geese (Will always corrects us that it's geese instead of ducks.... ha!) Below are some pics of the boys feeding the "geese" yesterday, they come pretty close and they LOVE Luke for some reason :) It's precious and so much fun!

My Loves! (trying not to eat the bread) LOL

Will Cheesn' for me!

Lukie Cheesn'

Not sure if you can see Luke's cheek full of bread or not, but he had to make sure it taste right for the goose before sharing!

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