Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Time Fever!

I tell you what... there's nothing like Spring! I LOVE it and to me it is the best time of the year! There's a few things I dislike though, like sickness and the weather not making up its mind! Poor Luke has been fighting something for two weeks now, first it was stomach problems, then ear infection & sinus infection, now he has this horrible chest cold but I really think it's from his sinus/allergies draining into his chest. Whatever it is makes him miserable and hopefully soon he will be back to his adorable,funny self!

I have definitely been enjoying my spring cleaning. Each day this week after work, we have been so productive! It really makes me feel good and allows me to have more time on the weekends to be with my angels instead of cleaning. We have so many things we want to accomplish and do you ever feel like it all has to be done right now? PATIENCE is something I don't think I ever learned, I'm the most impatient person I think I've ever known (and unfortunately I passed that gene down to Mister Will Clements) Anyways, we need to re~sod our front yard, I've started to get a small part of my backyard ready for veggie & fruit plants, I must finish that and I really need to get my current flower beds in order! None of this will get done this weekend and that is OK! This weekend is dedicated to celebrating this wonderful Easter Holiday! I'm so proud to be a Christian, I LOVE my Lord & Savior! I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy our little ones while they are young, I can't wait to watch my boys in the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow!

Love you All!

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