Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recent pictures!

Here are some pictures from this past weekend. First the boys got BUNKBEDS!!! ( Look at how silly Will always gets in front of the camera... Hilarious!) We LOVE the new beds and I'm so proud of Lukie for being such a big boy now! It was the first time for John to take down the baby bed... it was SO depressing for me, but a new era in our life! I still have no bedding for them and I have not hung anything on the walls... once the room is finished I will be sure to post more pictures! Will claimed the top real fast, which I am glad of because if Luke was on top, he would not be afraid to jump right off! He's definitely our wild child!

As most of our weekends, we try to stay busy so we went to Collierville Saturday afternoon to see trains. That is all Will ever wants to do and I guess I should be happy for that! Luke enjoys it as well. They walk all over and in the trains and we hung around for over an hour, but a real train never came... It's so nice sometimes to just have fun with them and act young again. The excitement that they both have while talking about or playing with trains, it is just wonderful to see things through our kids eyes!!! God is Good!

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