Monday, April 13, 2009

Such a beautiful family filled weekend!!!

This was their faces the whole day in each picture, Lukie was just not happy about taking pictures! This year we didn't even get a family picture, that's ok, we are getting family portraits made in a few weeks, so they won't have a choice :)

This is a little bit better, at church in front of Mommy's favorite tree.... Japanese Maple!

Luke and Will with the Easter Bunny on Saturday. Will was kind of like "whatever" but Luke was hilarious. When he gets excited, he studdards. The doctor says it's normal because his mind is going faster than his mouth can move... but the whole time he kept real still, waving at the Easter Bunny saying "H,H,H,H-EEEYYY, EAYER BUNNY" Over and over again! It was precious, it brought tears to my eyes because watching him with the Easter Bunny, in his eyes this big bunny is real... just priceless!!!
One more thought for you Mommies.... I know growing up we believed in the Easter Bunny and yes, we got a basket full of candy. These days, it's about getting presents and stuff. In away (and this is my opinion) it bothers me that we even make our kids believe in the Easter Bunny. Yes, it's cute and this big bunny comes in and drops off a basket. But come on, I didn't even want my kids to believe in the Easter Bunny until everyone kept asking if they were excited about it coming. This is the first year for Will to really remember things, so I told him about the Easter Bunny and went along with the ride, but it wasn't really discussed a whole lot. They got up Sunday and yes, they had baskets with candy and a few toys, nothing too major! I guess my point to this is that Easter is about our Christ who gave up His life for us to be saved, not about this silly big (in my opinion, scary) bunny coming in your house dropping off a basket! Santa is much more believeable to me than a big Easter Bunny.... but we did go along with it, when I had to answer all of Will's questions about how the Easter Bunny gets here and how he gets in the house, I was so close to saying it was all fake... but I didn't and he is completely sold on the Easter Bunny, he sure was thanking him when he saw his basket! I could be just totally irrational about this, but Santa is a person (supposively), that's believeable, but a huge bunny that is as tall as Daddy hopping along the street....WEIRD!!! It is still fun though and I hope I didn't offend anyone, these are just my opinions and give me your thoughts!
Sunday we went to church that morning then went to John's parent house for lunch. As most of you know, we go to Hope Presbyterian for church. I'm going to be honest with you... I LOVE Hope and every time I leave, I feel so good and I feel like Craig has just spoke right to me. Which I really know that is God speaking to me. But lately, John and I have been discussing if Hope is too big for us. We like Hope a lot and hate to even begin to think about another place we would want to go, but it's something that I have been thinking about and I'm a firm believer that when God puts something on your heart and mind, you must investigate it and try to figure out what it is that He's trying to tell you! Well, the Easter Service at Hope this weekend really summed it up for us, it was by far the most emotional, amazing ceremony we have ever experienced! It was unbelievable and I'm so proud to be part of a church that is full of HOPE and God's GRACE! I think God spoke to me and said "You are right where I want you to be" I pray that is what he is telling me, I feel it in my heart and I feel that no matter how I feel about how big the church has become, it does not matter when I leave there feeling the GRACE of God's words spoken right to me! Easter is my second most favorite day of the year, beside Christmas which is the birth of Christ! This was just such a great weekend and I'm truly blessed by an amazing GOD, family and life!!!
Sorry this is so long tonight, I had lots to talk about and discuss! Hope everyones week is going good!


Emily said...

Adorable boys you have!

I feel about the same way you do concerning the Easter Bunny. I don't plan to teach my children about the Easter Bunny.. I might end up getting their pictures with him, but they will know that their basket of goodies came from mommy and daddy.. same as Santa Clause. I think people lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays and cover it with fake idols.

Kristin Irby Photography said...

I was at the HOPE service on Easter too and it was WONDERFUL!! I feel like HOPE is so, so big and I have also thought about finding a smaller church; but love Craig and love that my whole family is together at one church. The Easter service was so good! My favorite part was the end of the service where everyone was holding up the signs...I was crying so hard I couldn't read 1/2 of them! The service was great!

Diane said...

I agree the service was awesome. If we can remember that Easter should be everyday. He is alive!!!
The pictures of the boys are precious, sure wish I could have seen them and you too.