Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is it possible???

to love "too much" the children I gave life too
to think that Luke calling a penny a "minny" is just too precious
to be completely, 100% honest on this blog
to think that marriage at times is the hardest thing I have EVER accomplished and still accomplishing
to say whatever I'm thinking on this blog, because you know it is my blog and I can say whatever I want and if you don't like, well then don't read :)
to have too much trust in some people
to think that the Lord and His words make me feel so comforting
to already be stressed about the upcoming holiday season
to think that my oldest son waving and blowing me kisses the whole way into school, makes me think he is by far the COOLEST kid I've EVER met, he makes my day
to think that my hubby bringing me home some cookies makes me pretty darn happy right now
to think that life has been hard lately, but I know with God and my family on my side, it's gonna be OK!