Monday, November 16, 2009

weekend recap

As most of you know and kindly left a sweet comment, saying Happy Birthday to my birthday boy, Will, it was Will's bday weekend!!

We choose to not do a big birthday party for him this year. He really said he didn't want one, so we decided to invite his bestie over Friday night for pizza and cake, then he spent the night with Will. They both enjoyed it so much and actually Will got to spend the night (for the first time away) with him last week, so they enjoyed seeing each other!

It was cute seeing Luke interact with them. I had to explain to Will that Luke is little and doesn't understand about not being able to play, so they just need to be the nice "big kids" and play with him as well! It all worked out and every played happily!

Saturday we enjoyed the Ole Miss victory over UT. It was such a wonderful game and I was so happy for my hubby! He is a big "talker" he talks a lot of crap to everyone about football, so I was a little worried for him to get payback about the game if Ole Miss lost, but we won, so I feel sorry for all of his coworkers, I know he is probably talking some more crap today :) But is was a great win and it all fun times!!!

I did get out yesterday with one of my girlfriends to get some Christmas shopping done. John's family is almost done and he is almost done, all I have to do is finish the boys, our parents and him, then we will be done!!! This is my first year to start early on the shopping and I'm so happy we are doing it early! It feels so much better to not rush around, but I can promise you that I will still forget things and wait til the last minute :) that's usually what happens!

I have been down lately about some of my health issues. Nothing major is going on, just some set backs on the baby making machine. I knew some symptoms would start and they sure have. I'm in lots of pain lately and things just don't seem so promising for another little one to be roaming our house again. All of you know that if it were up to me, I would have as many children as God would allow (and I seriously mean that) but I'm showing signs of that not being possible, plus I'm sure my hubby would not want that either. I just really, really want just ONE more, I know I should be grateful for the 2 that have already blessed our lives, but I really want 1 more and pray that God will Bless us with that in His time! He knows when the right time will be and He is the only person at this point to allow a miracle to happy and my problems to go away! Miracles do happen and I pray every night for one to happen! So much going on in my life right now and I feel like not much time, but I need to learn patience, right?? Patience is the key here!

Y'all have a Happy Monday!



Go East Memphis Mama said...

What's going on? You didn't tell me about that! Email me....

Candice Weeks said...

Aw I will be praying for you!!! I know that must be tough!!!