Monday, November 9, 2009

lovely weekend...

We had such a great weekend! We didn't do too much, but what we did do was spend some much needed family time together and enjoyed each other's company!
Friday night, we went to the little place about 30 minutes from our house called Wolf River Cafe. It is so much fun, it's so good and John mentioned us going on Friday and I thought he was kidding. The last time we went was when Will was a baby (and he's about to turn 6). So, we got all in from work, loaded up and went to pick up my Momma! I had the one fish filet dinner which was to die for!!! I'm not a big catfish person, but this was just so yummy! I also got a piece of strawberry cake... OMG it is my FAVORITE!!! It was the best thing I have put in my mouth in a long time!!!
More importantly, we just had so much fun together. Momma was with us and we just laughed the whole way there and on the way back. We talked and got caught up on things we just aren't always able to talk about! It was a perfect night!!!
Saturday we just chilled around the house that morning and I got caught up on some cleaning. We then had to go run some errands so we went to El Porton for lunch then went to Home Depot to pick up somethings we needed for the house. The kids wanted to walk around Home Depot, so that is exactly what we did, we looked at all of their Christmas decorations and just had fun!
Yesterday Luke and I woke up just not feeling well. So I went to Kroger to get a roast and I did pot roast in the crock pot all day! It was my first time and it was so good!! I was SO proud of myself!!!
I know our weekend sounds boring, but it was so much fun to us! Just hanging around the house and getting out is exactly how we like spending our weekends! We needed to settle down and just do things as a family, the boys had fun and Mommy and Daddy had fun too!
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well and Happy Monday!!


Heather said...

So happy you had a great weekend with your family, we love those! I hope you and your little boy are feeling better today and that pot roast sounds yummy!! Happy Monday!

Elizabeth said...

Souns like you had a wonderful weekend! Always great to relax and get some things done off the to do list!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

OMG my parents love Wolf River Cafe. They live out there near it and they eat there all the time.