Monday, November 2, 2009

bye bye October, hello November!

October was a joyful, busy and hectic month. Therefore, I look forward to the joys November will bring our way! Holidays, traveling, spending time with family and most importantly; my first born, Will, his birthday is coming up this month! He will be the big 6 and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! I remember 6 years ago, thinking when would I EVER get this angel out of my belly... the minute my baby boy was placed in my arms, I've never felt my heart melt as much as it did at that moment! So, I will be celebrating such a wonderful day on the 13th!
Below is Luke in his transformer outfit... I think he was "mega tron" or something like that, he didn't even know the name....ha!

Here's my Will... he was "bumblebee" transformer...

We had a blast (despite the Ole Miss loss)... we had friends and family over and it was such a wonderful time! I LOVE to entertain, so I was right in my happy place!
Y'all have a happy Monday, I'm sitting here at my desk listening to David Crowder Band's "all that I can say" oh my ladies, it is a must get c.d... I PROMISE you will love it!!! It's my favorite song right now!!!!


Go East Memphis Mama said...

We just watched the Transformers movie Friday night so I actually know who they are haha!

Katie said...

Love the transformers. I know that will be Zach in a few years. ; ) I'm about to check out that song...

Thanks for being so faithful to pray for us, Katie.