Sunday, November 22, 2009

thank you and thankfulness....

Thank you all for giving me a little advice about the whole Thanksgiving decision. I know I'm such a baby to not be able to make decisions on my own, but I did decide to stay home with my family. I could not even fathom the thought of being away from my hubby and making him be away from his wife and boys on Thanksgiving. It just did not settle right with me, so we are staying in the Bluff City and will enjoy every minute of it!!
I will be doing lots of cooking for his family and we will be out at his parents for most of the day on Thursday. They have lots of land and there will be plenty of people around, so it will be lots of fun! Then the remainder of the weekend, we will enjoy being together and not having much to do but do some shopping and get ALL of our Christmas decorations out. It has taken all I have this weekend to not go ahead and break it out, but I know it is a full day ordeal just to do the inside, so I will save that for next weekend when we will have time on our hands!
I pray you all had a blessed weekend. I know we did! I helped this morning in Luke's class at church, they are such fun to be around! I finished some of my shopping and I am almost done! I can not believe it, but I only have a little bit to do then it's DONE!
This week I have thought about all of you! I thank you so much for blessing my life and I'm so very thankful for you all! I'm thankful for you all to be along on our journey!
Enjoy your Monday my friends, remember only 3 more days til Turkey Day!!! :)


Emily said...

So glad you came to a decision. I would feel the same way as you did and not know what to do... but staying home to be with your husband I think is the best choice.

Anonymous said...

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