Thursday, November 12, 2009


So sorry it's been a few days since y'all last heard from me, I know you all were having withdrawls, right!?!?

I just got back tonight from a wonderful business trip to Nashville. I was dreading this trip, but it ended up being so much FUN!!! When I got there, my husband's best friend, J and I meet up. He is seriously like my brother and I know I was bossing him around all night just like I do John... poor thing, it's just habit now and he and John are SO much alike :) I told his wife, Ashley, (who is also my best friend) that he was probably praying for our night to hurry up and end.

Anywho, we hooked up with some friends, had dinner, then headed to Broadway St. right accross from the Summet Center, where the CMA Awards were convientely being held. It was just something to see for sure, black limos lined up the street for miles! (I just have never experienced something like this)... so we waiting until everyone came out. I got to talk with James Otto and his wife, she and I really hit it off and talked for awhile! I will have to post our picture when I download it) They were super sweet, we also saw Darius Rucker just walk right past us! It was just crazy to me! We had MORE than enough fun and then headed back home to call it a night!

Today I had a FULL day of appointments, had a WONDERFUL lunch with LA and even got a little bit of shopping done. (BUT that's a little bit of a secret, so don't tell,K?) It was just so much fun, I really enjoyed being in the car alone for 3 hours yesterday and today! It was so thearpeutic, I came home tonight a little on edge just from driving but so, so thrilled to see all 3 of my babies!!!

OK, now ladies, I DID get a chance to go by my favorite cupcake place and a OH so wonderful idea!! GiGi's Cupcake's is unbelieveable!!!! AND I just found out that they are coming to town, yes to Memphis, the beginning of next year! I can not wait!!!!! It's such a great idea and so adorable and also fantastically deliscious!!!!!


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Leigh said...

Oh gosh...I lose weight and now Im gonna gain weight...those cupcakes look so yummy. I know my new favorite sweet place. Glad you had a good time in Nashville!

Elizabeth said...

I just went to Nashville a few weeks ago! Loved the fall weather and the chande in the colors! :-)