Monday, March 1, 2010

A bunch of randomness

I'm home today with Will, he is still not feeling well and running a fever. So there was NO way he was in any shape to go to school. Luke on the other hand, is a wild man today, I think he's a little excited about us being home and he's just been bouncing off the walls (literally I think while I was in the shower) I am thankful Luke has not caught the stomach bug and is still his normal happy self!

Now as y'all know Momma just moved back to Georgia. I am happy to report she is settled in very nicely, she is enjoying her relationships with our family and with her dear friends! BUT she misses us SO much! We have a count down and it is 16 days now until we will be in her loving arms again, so we CAN NOT wait!!! BUT with Mom moving, comes changes and decisions for my family. I LOVE my family that John and I have created. I want to be here for my boys, they need me more now than ever... so there are changes that I'm praying about. Nothing that can be definant right now, but things that are in the works and things I believe God is placing on my heart. You know it is God working when I really haven't had to do much and things are falling into place... so when these plans are final! I WILL SHARE, until then, please pray that we are doing the right thing. We might not do anything at all, but right now we are weighing our options!

I did get a new camera last week, I am IN LOVE with it and so happy I don't have to carry around the dinosaur anymore. I have no figured out how to download all of the pictures yet, so that is why my post lately have been pictureless :)

I pray y'all are having a blessed Monday!

Love y'all and thanks for all of the prayers, I can fill them!!



Go East Memphis Mama said...

I hope Will is feeling better!

Heather said...

I hope Will is feeling better soon and no one else gets sick. So glad you like your new camera!