Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wishful Wednesday Trait

I WISH.... I could change one physical trait about myself and that would be my HAIR.

I just could not think of anything else beside my weight of course and my hair. My weight is something that I can work on really hard if I tried... yes, I would LOVE to be 30 pounds lighter, but I have yet to find the modivation to do so... but my hair is something I can't change. I would love to have thicker hair... I go through phases where I grow my hair out, then I get so sick of it being long so I cut it short, and I'm never, ever content with my hair. Sometimes it's so stringy and just frankly trashy looking!!
So, if I was able to switch to maybe some Carrie Underwood hair or something "fake" like that... then I would LOVE my hair! Until then, I will strive to make it look decent :)
I hope y'all are having a blessed Wednesday!!!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Girl -- I want hair five times my thickness!! Right there with ya :)

**Don't forget to post the new WW button next week since this was my first and ugly one!! hahah!!

Leigh said...

Katie...your hair is never trashy looking!!!

Katie said...

Katie ~ I would love some Carrie Underwood hair. ; )

Thank you always being so encouraging and sweet. Blessings to you tonight. Katie

Emily said...

I am with you on that. I never like my hair.