Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sixty Seven months ago...

Sixty Seven month ago... I was so young, I was so scared and we both knew all we had was love. Sixty seven months ago we had NO idea what lies ahead, what road God would lead us down, we just knew we were in this together and oh how nieve we were :) Life has thrown us curves, but it seems we grow and love each other through ever single challenge that comes our way. I married the man God made just for me... Sixty Seven months ago!!!

Here's Sixty Seven reasons why I know Sixty Seven months ago I made one of the best decisions of my life:
1. He's tall, has dark hair & handsome... this is what (for some reason) I have always been attracted too
2. He said he was going to marry me before I ever met him
3. He's a family man with wonderful values
4. He loves me for me
5. He gave me the most beautiful babies in the world
6. He's so proud of his boys
7. He wants to try for baby #3 in hopes that it's my girl that I have always wanted, I thank him for this!
8. He dances with me in the living room when a song I like comes on!
9. He LOVES music and I think he has a great voice
10. He's a praying man who was raised to LOVE the Lord with all your might
11. He will sit and talk about God to whoever will listen
12. He's a dedicated Ole Miss fan
13. He looks and acts just like his father (this is a good thing)
14. He helps with homework
15. He takes Will to school each morning and says that is his favorite part of each day
16. He talks to his Momma everyday
17. He listens to my dreams as I listen to his, we pray over them
18. He understands our life right now is just a "season" and he has bigger plans for our family
19. He's thoughtful, trustworthy & respectful
20. He LOVES to laugh
21. He can laugh at himself (along with me)
22. He's a son, brother & friend
23. He calls me "mommy" and I call him my 1st baby
24. He's not embarrassed to tell me he's proud of the faithful mother and wife I am becoming
25. He loves that I am a southern girl from Georgia
26. He likes it when I cut his hair
27. He always lets me win
28. He's not afraid to cry
29. He doesn't give up
30. He loves my family as if they were his own
31. He can be stressed, but always is concerned about how my day was
32. He enjoys the simple things in life
33. He reads my blog
34. He is always home with the boys and I (I call him a home body)
35. He's not afraid to tell me his faults and allows me to pray for him, what an honor!
36. did I mention he's hot
37. He's a social butterfly when you get him out
38. He knows I can be shy and always makes me feel more at ease
39. He can be romantic
40. Not a day goes by when he tells me I'm beautiful
41. He enjoys date nights
42. He LOVES our new church
43. He loves italian food
44. He has OCD about cleanliness in the kitchen, thank God!
45. He has never, ever said a word about any housework that I might of neglected
46. He loves eating good food around the Holidays
47. He loves the mountains and nature
48. Bart the bear use to be something he talked a lot about (and I bet if you brought him up, he would talk for hours about him :) )
49. He is my weather man
50. He's so smart financially
51. He's so supportive of me and believes in me more than I do myself
52. He allows me to share my heart with him
53. He drives a paid off "clunker" and never complains, while the boys and I are driving around in a safe, nicer vehicle
54. He is serious about protecting his family
55. He plays with his boys and it melts my heart
56. We ALL laugh at home all the time thanks to his humor
57. He still gives me butterflies
58. He allows me to get upset and be moody, he just tells me it will pass :)
59.He has shown me a love I never dreamed was possible
60. He is my shoulder to cry on
61. He's mine & so darn adorable
62. He uses really big words a lot & I call him my nerd
63. He has always said it's better to have a few good friends than a lot of friends
64. He comes from some amazing roots!
65. I admire his work ethics
66. He love the country and we dream about having lots of land one day of our own
67. He is someone I could NOT imagine my life without... God has been so good to me!
** 68. He so could not do this in 30 minutes like I did :)
*** 69. and to show how humbling he is, he read this tonight and said he did not deserve for me to say these wonderful things about him!
Cary, oh yes you do baby! I love you more now, than I did this morning and it amazes me that our love has grown into something so amazing!
Ladies, do this for your man... I got this off a girl's page that I went to high school with and it got me thinking that I better start this now before the # of months got much higher hahahaha, the more I sat down and thought about these, the more these just started coming to me! This helped me connect back to my hubby where I needed to be!



Katie, What a wonderful list. What a blessing... I have been married for 24 years and I love my hubby more and more each day too. Congratulations... Blessings,

all4boys said...

Awwwww!! How sweet! I don't think I can do this~what is 13x12??? Lol. I do similar things all the time, though!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

That rocks! I might just do this today for Jason:)

Candice Weeks said...

This was so sweet Katie! Thanks for sharing :)