Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Intervention and venting!

Have y'all ever seen that show called Intervention???

Well first let me start out by telling y'all a funny, sweet story and then you might understand why the Intervention show tore me up last night and I uncontrollably cried for 10 minutes to my hubby last night before going to bed.

My oldest son Will, he is such a special kid. Both my boys are so special to me in different ways, but Will, is so caring and concerned for everyone's well being. If Momma and Daddy are happy, then his little world is perfect! He has these pj's (that I have tried to throw away but he refuses) that are footed, they are the biggest, kid size footed fleece pj's I could find :) He LOVES them, they are so tight on him though and I swear they can't be comfortable, but he promises me they are his most comfortable pj's he owns. Well last night, I was just so busy doing everything that we do at night time and I told the boys to go get their pj's on... Will comes out with those on, I can't help but BUST out laughing b/c they do just look hilarious on his skinny little body. I said "Will are you sure you want to wear those to bed, they look mighty tight" (you never know with Will that if laughing at him could cause him to get upset b/c your laughing or make him laugh too) He said "Oh no Mom, I love these pj's" I said why did you pick those out, he said "because I knew it would put a smile on your face"

I mean seriously people.... I broke down last night and could not believe my child was trying to do something to put a smile on my face, then I realized, I guess I haven't been smiling tonight, I was so busy do this and that, and I didn't take time for them and laugh or smile with the boys. Sometimes it is so important to just loosen up and have fun with them and enjoy these small moments!!!

So back to Intervention, it was so sad. This mother of two was addicted to percocet... she could not do any daily functions with her children, nor take care of any household needs, childrens needs or her husband's needs.... it was just devestating. Then they tried to intervene and she accepted, she went to a 90 day treatment facility, did great and came home on the 90th day!!

(this is what chocked me up) On her first day back, she went to pick her kids up after school, her son came running up to her (he reminded me of Will) and said "Mommy, I haven't seen you smile this big in so long, I hope it never goes away, ever, ever!" I broke down at that moment, I was praying at that moment that the Lord was protecting them, they probably had been neglected in away that we would never want our children to feel. Then at the end of the show, just when I thought this woman finally woke up and realized what she needed to be doing. They said that she had left her husband and children 5 weeks after being home and the kids are in theropy.

Good Grief people, what in the world is wrong with this picture??? I was devestated, devestated that ANY child has to go through such a thing! Thank goodness their father was wonderful to them and wanted nothing but good for them and I'm sure their mother does as well, but she needs some serious help and this is a serious illness! I could not stop crying, I cried to John and said that it makes me want to open a adoption house and just love all of these kids that don't feel loved. It is a vicious cycle that needs to stop. No child, I don't care who you are, deserves to be treated in this way!!! I still can't stop thinking about them today and I have never prayed so hard for a family that I have never come in contact with before in my life! Please just say a special prayer for them and every child out there that is neglected and does not feel the love of both parents!

One more prayer request, my Aunt Shelley has been in the foster parent/ adoption process of "their" little girl Mia. The state of Georgia is giving them problem after problem to fix before they are approved to adopt her, just pray for understanding! This is a amazing family that loves this little 16 month old little girl (who they have had since she was 3 days old) as much as their biological child, Peyton (which he is one of Will's best buds). MyAunt and Uncle are doing everything they are asking, we just hope the adoption process is approved before the end of the year, so every aspect of their life will stop being magnified!!! They just want to legally keep their child, please pray!

Thank you ladies!

Please send me any prayer request you might have... I love that we all are here to pray for one another and get great advice and feed back from each other.

Have a blessed day!



Katie said...

Katie ~ Thank you for sharing this. I love your family's picture by the way!

I would have loved to meet you! I had no idea where you lived, of course. Now I know for next time.

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Awwwww I will say a prayer for you aunt and that is so sad about that family. No child should ever have to suffer that way at the hand of a parent:(

Emily said...

So sad! I have never heard of Intervention before.

I will be praying!!! :)

amanda said...

we don't have cable, but i've heard of that intervention show. i just pray it works more often than not.

praying for your aunt and uncle.

and i love your christmas card pictures. so cute.