Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving update!

Ladies, so sorry to just now be blogging. It has been quite a busy weekend!
We spent Thanksgiving here with the hubs family! We had such a wonderful time and finally got our Christmas picture done for our cards.. it was very challenging, and this is our first year to do the pictures together. Normally I just do the boys, but this year we decided to do all 4 of us!! To find a good picture of all of us was so challenging and I think by the time the final picture was taken that I was happy with, it was a yell and screaming match, then take the picture... so the boys faces are not the best, but oh well! It's the best we can do :)
Friday morning I got up for the first time ever and got together with all of the crazies to FINISH my Christmas shopping. The boys are completely done and I'm stunned that I got it done so fast! I just need to finish John and my Mom, then I should be done!!!
I also got all of my decorations out, the tree up and all of the lights up outside! (this year y'all I'm on top of it for some reason)
Friday night, my best friend, Ashley and I with her Mom went to see the Rockettes. It was such an amazing show, we had a blast and then we stayed downtown for awhile. We went to have dinner and drinks at the Peabody, it was one of the best girlie night's I've had in some time!!
The rest of the weekend I spend trying to fight a virus I think... Ole Miss lost Saturday which was a complete shock! Thank goodness no one at my house was too upset, just use to it! Leave it to OleMiss to beat the #8 team the week before, but then when rival week comes we can't even beat State... it's just typical Ole Miss to me :) But we still had a great season this year!!!
I will post pictures when I can, I'm at work now and I think our home computer has a virus, so if I can load pictures I will, if not we will have to wait until it's fixed, which hopefully will be this week!
Y'all have a blessed Tuesday!


Elizabeth said...

Glad you had a nice weekend...and your holiday shopping...almost complete! Thats great! Good for you!! :-)

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Pictures are always so stressful to me!!!

Candice Weeks said...

I love the picture of the four of y'all at the top!!!!!