Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend recap and suggestions...

Hey Ladies... We had a nice, relaxing weekend. John was not feeling well all weekend and actually is still sick :( Friday night we just went to dinner with friends, then Saturday Momma and I finished up some shopping. Yesterday I tried to organize my house and I still have tons of work to do!!!
BUT, Will has decided that the ONLY thing he wants for Christmas is a trampoline. Well, what I don't think he realizes is that Santa's shopping is DONE! It's been DONE!!! So, the $$ is spent, there is no more money just laying around for me to go get a trampoline for him, even though I think it's a GREAT idea and would be SO much fun for him and his brother! I don't know what to do??!!?? My only option is to take back gifts that I have already got him and keep a few, but also get him a trampoline... what would y'all do???
I hope you all are having a blessed Monday. Please just say a little prayer for John, I hope he feels better soon, poor thing :( He has a really bad chest cold!
Thanks girls!


Elizabeth said...

Thats a tough call.... maybe keep the gifts you already had?

Melissa Jaynes said...

There are quite a few for sale on craigslist. Maybe you can get a used one. They will never know the difference.