Monday, December 7, 2009

Ok so once again I am not loading my pictures right, so I can not right above this picture.... I'm doing something wrong :)

Anywoo, these are the cards, I hope y'all can see them, it is really light for some reason. And my top one, the picture is blurry... but these are our cards for this year... TA DA :) A few of you will be getting them in the mail, if you didn't please don't get your feelings hurt, I wish I had the money to send them to everyone I have ever met... I just love Christmas cards :) They are starting to roll in everyday, I get so excited opening them, now that I have kids (and a silly husband) I have to share :)

So, these are the cards. I had to pick two of them because there were only 50 of one and I needed much more than that, so I got two of them... they are lime green and red, for some reason this year those colors are really hot (or I have noticed is a lot) so that's why I picked these.

I hope you all are having a blessed Monday. I have a very busy week ahead and pictures for you all. We are all well now or seem to be, so PRAISE God for that!!! I will post the pics hopefully tomorrow.



Elizabeth said...

What fun cards! Nice work! :-)

Candice Pair said...

i love both of them! where did you order them?

Anonymous said...

I love both of the cards and you picked the picture that I liked the most! Woo-Hoo! Have a Blessed Day!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Super cute!!!