Thursday, December 31, 2009

The start of a new decade...seriously???

Ok so I completely just was not thinking when I realized this is the end of a WHOLE decade and beginning of another one... SERIOUSLY people??? That just blows my mind... 10 years ago, WOW I was a spoiled brat and had NO idea what the future held.

2000... Sophomore in high school, driving, babysitting after school everyday and working at West St. Diner in Germantown as a hostess and Ultra Tan briefly. My Mom had 2 ruptured brain aneurysms this year and that completely rocked our world! I was so close to losing my Mom and the doctors even made us say our goodbyes, we thought she was gone, but God had better plans! I had been dating my high school sweetheart for 2 years now and was just enjoying life!

2001... Junior in high school, still working at West St. Diner, driving, still babysitting, enjoying life with my high school sweetheart, hanging out with friends and enjoying life. I can't remember anything major happening this year!

2002... THIS is a big year :) Senior in high school, still working at West St. Diner, went to Spring Break in Destin with friends, broke up with my high school sweetheart, graduated from high school, started college, lost my Grandfather, meet my soon to be hubby, moved out thinking I was "something else" but quickly moved back home, enjoyed life knowing that one day I would marry this man God brought into my life.

2003... this gets a little hairy :) still in college, still working at West St. Diner, moved out with my boyfriend (against my parents approval might I add), got engaged, became pregnant with Will and this completely rocked my world again. Started hair school to then drop out b/c I was so young and really didn't know what I wanted in life, had Will in November of 2003 and the rest is history. I realized then that I was put on this earth to be a mother and wife and really didn't care about what else happened in life! Found out my Grandmother had brain cancer...

2004... enjoying Will's 1st year of life, still in college, still working at West St. Diner, started working at Office Depot, then started working a real job in the mortgage business. Stopped college, thinking I would be better off working at the mortgage company and being a mommy and wife instead of going to school too (oh how ignorant I was, but nobody could tell me differently b/c I'm too freaking hard headed) got married (not the way I dreamed, but still the best day of my life), bought a house and lost my Grandmother which rocked my Dad's families world... still something we struggle with because she was the rock of our family.

2005... having too much fun with Will, still working at the mortgage company, my step Dad decides to leave my Mom for another woman who is ahem... just one year older than me, come on let's all say it together.. EEEWWWW! He was like my other father so it did rock my world, but I'm a tough cookie, so it's all good now. Just so you know... he ended up getting her pregnant, they got married and she later left him. I truly believe in KARMA and it's not pretty. My Mom is a better woman without him and I have never been more proud of her as I am right now! She's a strong woman too :) Will turned 2 and I got pregnant with Luke.

2006... still working at the mortgage company but decided to switch to another company, we had Luke in July, we decided my hubby needs to leave the company he has been with for 8 years and start our own small business. It is in the mortgage business and this is when times start getting challenging!

2007... enjoying both of our blessings that God has blessed us with, still working at the new mortgage company, hubby is there too and we have great visions of us making our family dreams come true. Things get bad and towards the end of that year, we start living off of savings and praying things will turn around!

2008... both boys are growing like weeds, hubby starts a new job at the same company he is still with today, I start a new job at a local radio station in sales and now I work with all of these people my Mom worked with back in the day, we now have debt that we never had before, it gets overwhelming and this is probably the worst year as a couple we have endeared!

2009... things start looking up, we both are blessed to have great jobs, we are controlling everything and trying to pay debt off as fast and easily as we can. We start going to a church that makes us feel blessed to call our church home! We have met many new wonderful people this year, our life has been looking so far up it makes me want to jump up and down and start screaming (of excitement of course)

So my favorite peeps, this is why I am SO looking forward to 2010! What other wonderful things could come in 2010?? I'm excited, I'm ready and more than anything I'm looking forward to a new decade with my friends and family (and yes that includes my cyber friends too)

I pray for you all to have a blessed and happy New Year!

God Bless my friends!


Candice Pair said...

Isn't it fun looking back over the years?! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog too! I'm glad that we've gotten to know each other over the past year through this blog world! Happy New Year!!

Elizabeth said...

Its great to look back over the years, so that you dont forget the ups and downs to where you are now! Let's bring on and welcome 2010!!

Heather said...

Great post!! Love reading what each year held for you!! Happy New Year to you friend!

Neely said...

I love looking back like fun :)