Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's the BEST time of the year!!!

Here's the boys Christmas night... I thought this was the cutest pic of how wonderful their day has been!

Christmas morning, after opening their gifts :)

My table display (it's nothing major, but I forgot to post pics before Christmas of my decoration, and I still need to take pics of my house outside)

Our mantle

Our tree, I don't even think the lights are on here.... ha... their white :)

We had a WONDERFUL, magical day! We enjoyed each other, we celebrated JESUS' birthday and most importantly spent the day with the ones we love!!! WE all got what we wanted and everyone was BEYOND good to us! Today we even got new cellphones... I'm super excited about that!!! I'm off Monday and Tuesday, so we plan to get the house back in order and spend more quality time together as a fam... this is by far, the best time of the year! I am even looking forward to 2010 coming up... it's a fresh start and I know many blessings are to come!

Y'all have a wonderful Monday, I will post more pictures soon!




Anonymous said...

Wow Katie, your boys are sooo cute! I love your Christmas decorations and what a beautiful tree! I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful, magical day! Have a Blessed Evening!

Elizabeth said...

It sure is the best time of year!! Your little boys are just so so so cute!! :-) The decorations are great too. Glad to hear all went well. I feel the same way about how everyone was BEYOND good.... Love family and friends! Blessings to you. Enjoy your few days off!!

Laura said...

Beautiful Christmas decorations and the most handsome boys in the world! Happy New Year!

~Tosha~ said...

Hey Katie! Here is my comment..hehe!

Anyway, I love your decorations and your tree is beautiful! We didnt do much this year since we wouldn't be home. Just a tree and a few decorations throughout the house. Nothing outside like we usually do! Anyway, glad you had a Great Christmas!