Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Christmas Week

Yes, I can't believe it, Christmas is just a few days away!! I all of the sudden have a little panic feeling just hoping I have enough presents and I think I'm all done shopping. BUT I keep telling myself, well maybe I should go back and get this and that.... I just need to be done! :)

The boys and John are done, I'm just hoping I have enough stuff for my Mom and for his parents... then I need to go to the store to get some food. This year Christmas is at OUR house all day. We have John's family coming at noon for lunch, then my Mom will come that night for dinner and I think she's coming that morning to watch the kids open gifts. I am excited that we don't have to rush around and go places on Christmas, but it still stresses me out because I want to have enough food for everyone.

I've got to head out and finish everything, y'all have a blessed Monday!

I have a post coming up about traditions.. what are some of y'alls traditions????

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Elizabeth said...

I cant believe its almost Christmas, maybe because I am working this week..... but I have next week off! So looking forward to that! We always open gifts and spend time on christmas eve!! :-)