Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishful Wednesday... Winning the Lottery!

I WISH... I could win the lottery REAL soon and I would hope to QUIT MY JOB!!!

I do like my job and I feel very blessed to have a job, but it is not a job that makes me feel good at the end of the day... it's not something I'm passionate about, therefore, if I won enough money to quit, I would do so in a heart beat... I'm a mother and my role is to solely be a mother and wife. I honestly believe that... my husband works very hard for our family and he wishes my only priorities were at home, but at this time that is not the case and so if I were given the opportunity for our family to be better off financially and I could still stay home I would!!!

The hubs and I talk about this topic all the time, we have always said "depending on the amount" he would keep working for our insurance, I would stay home with the boys, we would have more babies, get a bigger house (nothing too extravagent) pay off our debt, get hubs a newer truck... and just SAVE the rest... we are asking for a whole heck of a lot of money... just enough to make us still be us and allow us to live comfortabley! We LOVE to dream though and drive through the country side close to our house and just imagine one day us living in a home that big and owning that much land... it's a great feeling and I feel a great thing as a couple to dream about. I truly believe your dreams can NEVER be too big!!!

Y'all have a blessed Wednesday, I was so excited about this topic and I did not want to miss it so I did this yesterday and timed it to post this morning, so head on over to Seattle Smith's blog to play along with this fun! Right now we are somewhere on Interstate 78 headed to Georgia :) Pray for safe travels please!

Love y'all.. talk to you when we return!



Neely said...

That WOULD be lovely :)

Anonymous said...

oh wow girl...what a great thought! Hope you all are having a safe trip and that all your dreams come true! xoxo

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am so with you to keep working for benefits! It's amazing the cost associated with that!

Heather said...

Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!