Friday, March 19, 2010

Georgia...Oh how I love the feel of home!!

There's just nothing I love more than to be able to come visit my family and loved ones! My family is my life, after my Lord and Savior, and we just have such a great time together. Right now the boys are napping and it gives me a chance to give y'all an update.
The first night we were here (Wednesday) Luke woke up with a HIGH fever, I thought oh Lord we have brought the flu to Nanny's house. When we woke up Thursday morning, I called our pediatrician in Memphis and they called us in a prescription. Yesterday was a laid back day and he started to feel much better! Today he woke up fever free and feeling and looking like his normal sweet self. So today starts the crazy schedule of fitting everyone in to visit with!
My Nanny lives on lots of land, therefore the boys just love to roam and play. I haven't seen too much of them today and they have been such angels! They LOVE being here and getting catered too more so than they do at home :)
Today I went to get my hair done by my best friend (God Sister)! Brittany is someone who we use to play together in our diapers. She was my first best friend and it has stayed that way our whole life. I love her so much and I was honored to be her matron of honor when she got married (and if I were to have had a normal wedding, she would of been mine too)! But we enjoyed catching up, having lunch and taking some much needed pictures that I will share with y'all when I get home.
Gotta go now, I hear the boys stirring around trying to get up, their cousin Peyton just came over to spend the night and play tonight, so they are excited!
Y'all have a blessed weekend and night!
Love y'all!

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