Saturday, March 27, 2010


Here's the boys in the car, parked at Sonic in Birmingham, AL headed to Georgia.... I drove with them by myself for the first time and they could NOT of been any better! (thank God for dvd players in was my babysitter!) I don't know about y'all, but when I'm on a road trip, with my own flesh and blood, by myself I am a Momma bear. I do NOT allow the boys to look or talk to anyone, I do not talk to anyone (unless I have too) and we get it, take our bathroom break, get back to the car and I make us eat at this new, clean Sonic so we don't even have to get out to eat. It is a fear of mine for someone to ever try something with me and my kids, so I just over react a bit but I would much rather be safe than sorry. Will even asked why I was acting so weird... I about wrecked I was laughing so hard, but I did have to explain. When someone is with me though, I do let my guard down more. lol, call me weird! :)

This is the boys with my Mom, we already miss her so much, but are looking forward to seeing her again soon... isn't she beautiful??? The older she gets the more beautiful she gets... I love her so much!!!

Last night Will spent the night at my in laws. He LOVES the hubs parents and they live close in town, so they wanted him to spend the night. (They would of taken Luke too, but I knew Luke would get upset at night before bed if I were not there, so I thought it would be best for him to stay with us) I thought Luke would get upset when he found out he wasn't going, but it was the complete opposite, he was waving them bye in the drive way, just as happy as ever... I felt like he was saying "It's about time Will got out of this house so I could have all of the attention" Sweet thing! He was an angel and slept til 9am this morning... that's a shocker!!!

I have a special announcement this week that I will be sharing with y'all, (no I'm not preggers, unfortunately) but it is something exciting~ I pray y'all have a blessed rest of the weekend, I am doing a lot of spring cleaning... LOVE IT and it's about time for me to get back in this mood!!




Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Life with the DEARINGS said...

Girl, I am the same way!!! When Beau was still potty- training, I took him to my mom's by myself and of course, he had to stop and pee! We of course were in the middle of nowhere, with no rest stop in sight so we stopped on the side of the road... a cop pulled up behind us and got out to make sure we were ok. Even though it was a cop, it still freaked me out! I just wanted to get where I was going and not talk to or see ANYONE or stop AT ALL!!! lol
So.. I feel ya!

Becky said...

I can't believe you went on a road trip by yourself! Yeah for DVD players! Right now with three week old I am scared to leave the house alone! LOL! I hope that will change!