Friday, March 12, 2010

Update on Will and our weekend!

Will is still pretty sick, thank you all so much for praying for him! We have had a hard time getting his fever to come down so this morning when his fever had been up for over 12 hours, I finally called the doc and he said come on in :) So off to the doctor we went and we were there FOREVER! They did a strep test, pricked his finger (which by the way he has a fear of needles, so that was interesting), they ordered a chest x-ray and a flu test.... well the H1N1 flu test came back to be the ONLY thing POSITIVE :( I could not believe my ears, but it's true, Will has the swine flu! The good thing is that the doctor did not see or hear anything in his lungs and the only symtom he has is a running nose and high fever. He said it is a "mild case" if you want to call it that, so I am thankful! We were prescribed tamiflu, lots of liquids and TLC... so I PRAY by the end of the weekend he will be feeling much better!

Speaking of weekend... tomorrow is the hubs and I's 6th wedding anniversary! We had somethings planned but we did reschedule them due to Will being so sick. So I look forward to us all being together this weekend and I also PRAY no one else gets this sickness! We are due to head to Georgia for their Spring Break on Tuesday and I think that trip might be rescheduled as well, but we shall see!

Y'all have a blessed weekend and keep us in your prayers!


p.s. we chose as a family to NOT get the H1N1 vaccine this year, that has me really upset today, wondering if that would of helped him not get this sick??? At the time we were scared to give them something that had only been out for a few months and we heard so many negative side effects from it, so I just don't know what the right thing was to do????


Leigh said...

Poor Will. I probably bothered the stew out of John this morning--"have you talked to Katie yet?" I was so worried...when he said his fever would not break I became very concerned!! Praying for Will and a fast recovery. I hope no one in your family gets it either. Yall have a wonderful weekend. Oh and dont you worry. I would not have given my children the shot was too new!! I didnt even get it. I got the Flu shot but not the swine one.

Heather said...

oh girl, I am so sorry! Praying for Will and for a quick healing and hope he feels better in no time! Praying no one else gets it in your family!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

Awww bless his heart! Hope he is feeling better very soon!