Friday, March 5, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Today my friends is what you would call a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!!! Here in the Mid South it is sunny, blue skys and around 58. It's beautiful, warm, sunny and it even smells good outside :) It smells like Spring has Sprung and that is a great thing!!!

Only 10 more days til I'm in Georgia seeing my family. This week has been hectic and I have missed Momma more now than ever, so I'm ready to see her! Even though we talk every hour, it's not the same... I need to see and talk to her in person!

Oh, have y'all seen Marriage Refs? IT IS FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I was watching it last night in bed (cause Luke lately is clingy and has to fall asleep next to me and then I take him to his bed) so I about fell out of bed laughing so hard last night! It's the funniest show I've seen in awhile. I can't wait for the hubs to watch it too, he's going to love it!! (last night he had to watch Ole Miss basketball and it was way too important to watch Marriage Refs with me, but I understood :)) BUT for all of you married people, it's funny and maybe I was the only one who thought it was hilarious because I am married and can relate, but it's funny! Jerry Seinfeld has done a wonderful job with this show!!!

Y'all have a blessed day and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend!! I hope it's beautiful where ever you are!!!




Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! The weather here in Oregon today is beautiful too! By the way, I'm watching The Marriage Ref right now online and it's cracking me up! Well, I hope you have a Blessed Weekend!!!

Laura said...

i saw the previews for that show, but i was afraid to watch because i was worried it would be raunchy. glad to hear that it isn't. maybe i'll watch now.

Heather said...

So exctied for you that you get to go visit family soon!! yay!! I have heard about that show but haven't watched it.