Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Were off...

to the boys DeeDee's (my mother) house we go... (and my Nanny's too!)
So the bags are packed, the car is loaded, snacks and drinks are packed and the gas tank is full, early in the morning the boys and I will be headed off to Georgia for a wonderful visit with my family and my MOMMA!!! It's been 4 weeks exactly tomorrow since I've seen my Mom and that is the longest ever! I can't wait to leave things behind for some days and see everyone. It will be such a great trip. I am going by myself with both boys for the first time. I think they are to the age that it will be fine to do this by myself, I am brave so we are doing this by ourselves. The hubs did plan on going and actually says he wanted to go, but it's much easier for me to have a nice girlie time with my Mom and Grandmother without him along. (no punt intended, I would have loved to have him here either way, but we plan on sewing outfits and going shopping, which I know he would have felt awkward)

Y'all have a blessed week and weekend! Say a quick little prayer for safe travels and I will be in touch as soon as I return!!!


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