Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- Baby Names!!!!

This is my FIRST time to join along for Top 2 Tuesday. I find lots of my friends doing it every week, so the peer pressure got to me and now I'm joining along for the ride! This week's topic is your Top 2 favorite baby names... Oh this is a good one, considering we are praying for another miracle to join our family soon!!! SO, we often talk about this topic at home :) So here it goes:

Girl names are the only names we are really talking about, we pray the next one will be our daughter that we (I) have longed for and prayed about every night! Now, I'm not sure if y'all know that when I was pregnant with Will, my whole pregnancy he was suppose to be a girl, well to our surprise he popped out a boy, his girl name was Abigail Madison. Today we both are not in love with that name as we were before. My Grandfather died shortly before Will was born, so everyone in the family knows I was naming my girl's middle name "Madison" after my Grandfather's middle name. Well he came out a boy and so we did John (after my hubs) William (after my Dad) It's ok, we only had 3 days people to figure out a name and that is what we came up with! He's definately a Will, so I would NEVER change that about his name :) Anyways, for a girl, I LOVE Georgia, I'm from Georgia and the hubs HATES Georgia, I said if we did Georgia Grace or Georgia Kate~ oh my how precious!!!! Then if we did that, I would name her Georgia after all of my family :) So who knows... the hubs likes Katherine Madison, Kathleen Madison~ we would call her Kate, but I do like Madison Kate and call her Madie Kate... Who knows what it will be when this angel graces our lives!!!! :0

Well y'all know what Will's name is, John William "Will" and my other's name is Steven Luke( Steven after the hubs Dad)~ we call both boys their middle name :) If we were to have another boy, we both said it would NOT be a original name, something different.... Somewhere in the name would be James, a. because both of our kids already have biblical names and b. that is my Mom's father's name. So we like Grayson James, James Baylor "Baylor", James Gavin"Gavin", I just don't know, if we were to have another boy I would have to do some serious thinking... the only one out of this I like is Grayson James (call him Grayson) but we are keeping our thoughts on only girls at this time :) When the time comes for another boy name, then I will have to really pull out some different names!

I enjoyed doing this and I look forward to going back and looking at all of the other names everyone else has... I love me some good names!!! Join in on the fun over at The Undomestic Mommy's page!

Y'all have a blessed Terrific Tuesday!!!


Ashley said...

cute names!
I like Georgia Kate the most! :)

Molly said...

Love the name Georgia, so sweet! I'll start praying that your next baby is a girl :) Girls are SO much fun, my life wouldn't be the same without the two I have!

Cute blog too :)

Candice Pair said...

So weird..Georgia is on my list, and Ive always liked Georgia Grace or Georgia Kate hah! Clinton hates Georgia too..boys suck :( I think James is a good name for yalls boy...it goes well with Will and Luke :) But I love Grayson, too. Gosh I'm no help haha!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Love those picks! One of my friends is naming her daughter Georgia...it is precious!!!

Neely said...

Great choices lady!!!

Annie said...

I love the name Greyson....and Georgia. You better start working on that one with your hubby :)