Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glorious Weekend

My next post will be full of pictures from our weekend. Honestly, tonight I just needed to update the blog, I have no energy to go get my camera out of my purse and download pictures, that's too much to ask of this Momma tonight!

We have not done too much this weekend. We planned on having special family time and that is exactly what we have done. I've made breakfast the past 2 mornings, the boys were happy to not have their usual cereal but blueberry pancakes instead. We have been outside constantly, we went swimming, I got my hair did and I have not done a bit of housework. That was my goal for this weekend and I'm so happy we actually accomplished it!

Luke has all of the sudden got a rash on his body. It started on his cheeks (noticed it Friday), now has spread to the backs of his arms and legs, as well as his back. I plan to take him into the doctor tomorrow morning. The more I read he could have the "fifth disease" we will see! I took him by Walgreens to have the pharmacist take a look at it, he said it could be meningitis??? My sweet Lukie has NO symptoms at all, but this rash, therefore I think it is not something so serious! I am still worried but know that after the doctor I will feel better!

Tomorrow, after going to the doctor, we have the same thing planned as we have done this weekend, I can't wait to enjoy one more day of pure family time and fun in the sun!!

I hope you all are enjoying this weekend and thank you veterans for all that you have done for our freedom!!

Blessings my friends,

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