Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Night time

I believe that parents put a lot of pressure on themselves for "acting" like the perfect parents. There is no perfect parent, I will be the first to tell you, there probably has not been a day that's gone by that I haven't yelled (at the kids) since having them. It's just my nature, it's who I am, when I need to get something out and no one is listening, I yell. Sorry hunny, I hate that I do this! I do try to have peaceful nights, but let's be honest here, my kids DRIVE me crazy sometimes in the evenings. It's like someone flipped the switch and they are jumping off of the walls. It's PURE 100% craziness at our house during the busiest part of the night... dinner, bath and bed time.

You see these little terds climbing these little trees, well that is what they do to my nerves, while acting like wild boys!

And then, about 9pm each night, I walk into their room to check on them and I see these beautiful things, dreaming about footballs, basketballs, Scarlett (Will's FIRST crush), silly things that little boys think of...

(Will has a hoodie only on his head for some reason, yes I took it off before I left)

and I secretly say a prayer, thanking the Lord above for them and thanking Him for bed time, because it is the most peaceful part of my night!

* I honestly struggle with these feelings, telling the hubs sometimes that maybe I'm too hard on them before bed, but it's like they know that's the time each day to act like wild horses. I tell myself tonight is going to be the night, that I make sure it's a peaceful night, not just after the kids go to bed, but before too. Then Luke spills his stinky drink after I mopped the floor... I mean seriously, could you not of waited atleast a day?
(That irritated me, I mean come on, who wouldn't get irritated by that, but I didn't yell at Luke, I bit my tongue)

We sometimes are our worst enemy, I beat myself up over having these feelings. The good news is that as I'm feeling overwhelmed while they are acting like maniacs, I tell myself to enjoy these crazy moments, because before long I will be begging for them to be this young again, acting like my crazy, wild boys... making me want to pull my hair out! *

I enjoy my sweet little ones and thank God for them daily!!

Hope y'all are having a blessed week! My Nanny made it through surgery, she is hopefully coming home tomorrow from the hospital, God is SO good!!


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all4boys said...

I remember those days very well! It does get better with age, I promise. The older they get, the longer they can stay outside playing, wearing themselves out! Lol...that's what mine did last night. They were outside playing volleyball in the front yard until 8:35.

Something that helped me through those days was a book by Karen Kingsbury called Let Me Hold You Longer. I strongly recommend it! She also writes amazing life-changing Christian fiction. All of her books are amazing. Get this book...let me know what you think of it. It kind of helps you put things into perspective.

Love ya! I miss seeing your beautiful smile...we started going to another church. My kids just needed something more, so we made the switch after Easter.