Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

1. I have told y'all before that I was diagnosed with PCOS last August, I was put on metformin to hopefully get my back to ovulating, then it never helped. Our next step is clomid, but it honestly terrifies me to do that. I have read crazy side effects from taking that and who knows what can happen when you take those drugs?? We planned to start it on my last cycle, it came down to the day I was to start it and I just couldn't take it.... hopefully next month I will try it!

2. I have been losing weight for really no aparent reason. I am eating like I normally do, jogging like I normally do and I don't see any changes on my end, but I'm feeling better than I have felt in awhile and losing weight... so I'm not complaining!

3. The boys and I planned on going to Georgia for Memorial Day weekend. School is out next Wednesday and we planned on leaving then, returning the next Monday. Tonight I decided to stay home, honestly the hubs put a guilt trip on me, saying he was really looking forward to doing fun family things??? I couldn't turn that down so now we are looking forward to being home that weekend, I have no doubt we will find something to get into for the weekend.

4. I swear, this past weekend, I would of told you I was going through a mid life crisis - just early. I have been depressed about getting older, everyone seems so young to me now because I feel so old. I use to always be the baby in everything we do, not so much anymore. The years are flying by, I think back to 5 or 7 years ago and I can't believe it has been that long. The hubs told me those are the first signs of feeling old :(

5. I am getting into couponing a whole lot right now, I really need to get more ink for my printer though, so I can print out more coupons but I am a couponing freak when it's check out time at the store, I saved $41 last weekend, before I would of just spent all of the money, not saving a dime and moved along. I'm so thankful that I am becoming obsessed with this!! :)

Hope y'all are having a blessed week! It's almost the weekend!!!



Katie said...

That's awesome you saved that much!

Katie said...

PS. So nice to know I'm not the only one who still irons. Ha!